Health & Wealth as an Entrepreneur

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It’s your time to make change!

At age 62, there are moments in my life were I set back and reflect. You take notice of the things that are really important in life. For me it’s God first and then family, and then friends and relatives and then associates. You carefully check to see whether you have the priority right or not. Are the first things really first? Of course, in this whole process of prioritizing things that are important in your life,  your job, business or whatever gives you a means to provide an income for you and your family should fit in somewhere near the top, say position three or four. It’s amazing how ones priority might change as you go through life.

For instance, when it comes to one’s health we may consider the things that we eat and the exercise that we may or may not do differently at age 20 then at age 50. At age 20 our metabolism, body functions and the way it works is more forgiving when we are younger. It gives us the false belief or concept that we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want it, however much we want without major consequences to our body or to our health in general.

Somehow our bodies in most cases are able to compensate for our poor decisions and we can much easier make corrections and bounce back from the error of our ways. By the contrary at age 50 or earlier, the things we ate at age 20 if eaten at age 50 would be devastating to our weight and our health. The impact on our body makes it almost irreversible without the proper workout regime and diet. That being said, why do so many of us treat our body so poorly? Why does it take a bad or negative report from our physician to bring about change to our life?

At age 52 I began to notice change in the clothes that I wore. It seems as if my clothes were getting smaller and fitting tighter. It wasn’t an incredible difference, but a very subtle change year after year. Going from a 30” waist line to 34 in a matter of a few years and moving quickly to a possible 36, and a gradual weight of about 30 pounds over a 4 year period, at age 56 I decided to make a change. You see, it was not a doctor’s report that cause me to make a change; it was in the knowing that if I kept going the way I was going, i.e. poor eating habits and a life void of proper exercise, that I was heading to an early grave, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer….etc.  you name it. When you live an unhealthy lifestyle, a life without the proper diet and exercise, a life of no restraints to the foods we love to indulge in, your body becomes susceptible to all the negative possibilities that sickness can bring your way.

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